The date is Monday, February 26th, 2024.

Happy Late Birthday to Lydia Schleusener.

We’re kicking off Dr. Seuss week today with our animal print and safari gear. Tomorrow wear a shirt with words to celebrate reading!

Today for lunch we’re having popcorn chicken.

Tuesday for breakfast we’re having pancakes and sausage links.

Tuesday for lunch we’re having hot ham and cheese sandwiches.

Your teacher received a Dr. Seuss Bingo Card! We will call each card over the announcements each morning as well as bring you a paper copy of the cards called. If you get a bingo, make sure you yell DR. SEUSS BINGO–and see Mrs. Hauger for a class prize!

Today’s cards are: Star-Belly Sneetches, Max the Dog, and Two Fish!--Mark these off on your bingo sheet!